Steffi Cousins

Wedding & Pet Photographer

A photographer who’s passionate about Pet Photography as well as Wedding Photography.

Wedding Photography

Capture that special moment that you both say “I do”… and that hilarious dancing your uncle does.

Pet Photography

All your pet photography needs under one woof.


The power behind the picture
Steffi Cousins

Steffi Cousins

As a self-confessed crazy animal lady, she spends most of her time taking thousands of photos of her own animals every single time they ‘do something cute’.

As well as Pet Photography, Steffi discovered that she heavily enjoys capturing that special moment for couples across Surrey & Hampshire when she helped get a friend out of a sticky situation (when another wedding photographer let them down) by agreeing to photograph their wedding day.

Since then, Steffi has been receiving a large amount of interest from friends and families due to the photos she took for that couple were published on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


There are no words to describe how good our wedding shoot was with Steffi. The pictures were beautiful and she really captured our day perfectly and all the photos were truly amazing.

The staged photos where amazing, Steffi asked us in advance what photos we wanted, then she walked the venue and she came up with loads of other ideas. It was a magical experience and yielded truly wonderful photos.

Steffi also got lots of natural shots, she has a real eye for capturing the perfect moment at the perfect time. She made us feel relaxed and many members of our wedding party don’t like having their photos taken (especially me) and it was just so easy, the direction was great.

Within a few days, Steffi got in touch with us and said the photos were ready for viewing, I was shocked how fast she got them over to us and even optimised them for printing on the popular sizes.

Don’t look at any other photographers, Steffi is hands down the best, and the photos speak for themselves. Highly Recommended!


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